Truck superstructures

Transporditehnika OÜ’s main field of activity is the design, manufacture, repair and maintenance of truck superstructures.

We have been working in the area of truck superstructures for over 12 years and at the moment, there are over a hundred different trucks on Estonian roads built by us. In our work, for truck and superstructure load calculations and for hoisting equipment stability calculations we use software licensed from Rekkalaskenta OY, and for designing superstructures and additions, our key tool is licensed Siemens PLM Software.

In the manufacturing of superstructures, we use the most cutting-edge technology available from our partners – we use laser cutting for both sheet and pipe materials and CNC bending surface facilities – to ensure accuracy, precision and longevity in our results. In the finishing for the final product, we always sandblast before painting the structure to ensure as long a life for the surface as possible in our harsh road climate.

We repair and maintain truck equipment and superstructures which we have made, but we will not reject anyone who may be helped by our specifications and skills.